Consumer Health Care Transparency: What's Next

Yesterday's post was about how the new health exchanges brought basic transparency in pricing and features. It could be argued whether these are truly issues of transparency, but today MedCityNews compiled some additional suggestions from observers. Jen Joynt joined [sic] my call for quality data to be integrated with pricing and coverage details. Maribeth Shannon, director of Market and Policy Monitor program at California HealthCare Foundation, says the next big thing should be for consumers to sign off at the "point of sale" on the estimated full cost of major incidents, such as surgery. This step should include an acceptance of probable outcomes and cost tradeoffs, decisions which are too often left to physicians, she says. Pokitdoc's Lisa Maki says the portals should allow consumers to shop for lenders who will help them pay for non-covered expenses. Amy Edgar at Cedar Crest College asks why prevention assistance isn't part of the game. [via @medcitynews]

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