"X-Men" Leads US Army Blogger to Claim Greater Transparency

A casual editorial posted on Army Live on May 3 (see in Google cache) posted a mostly positive review of the film X-Men: Wolverine, and took this occasion to lodge a minor complaint against Hollywood writers. The author had seen the film, and despite liking it overall, took offense at a recurrent plot that has U.S. Army generals taking part in "secret government plots." The US Army blogger reminded readers that the Army has a Public Affairs office in Los Angeles, which is available for consultation with directors and screenwriters (as well as other equally serious obligations, one assumes). The office has sent Army personnel to movie sets to offer guidance.

The Army Live writer went on to offer this opinion:
[The] U.S. Army expends great effort in being as transparent as possible. They weigh the balance between release of information and national security, and communicate as much as possible with the American public. . . those who have experienced war firsthand are that much more sensitive to human suffering than others in this world, and that much more inclined to acts of compassion and concern. And in today’s information world, they are more open to releasing information than most major corporations I’ve worked with - they understand the obligation they have to communicate honestly with the American public.

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