Federal Computer Week Launches Government Transparency Coverage

The surge in public discourse, if not public policy, surrounding transparency is not lost on those providing reportage to the government and government contractor community. In May, Federal Computer Week (FCW) launched a landing page and associated stories called "Transparent Government Solutions."

In introducing the new coverage, Jeff Erlichman wrote:
Tracking where the money is going is only one element of transparency. Full disclosure of government rule making and how government programs are operating are two others, but there are many, many more – and many, many more waiting to be discovered.
The low-hanging fruit is about so-called Government 2.0 and Vivek Kundra, the new administration's relatively inexperienced federal CIO. As FCW notes, there's much more to it. For starters, FCW indicates they'll be tracking the work of Greg Elin (Sunlight Foundation), Jerry Brito (GMU), and Teresa Nasif (Office of Citizen Services at GSA).

The FCW story points to these emerging issues:
  • Tradeoffs between data security, accuracy and privacy
  • Social networking and other citizen engagement
  • Federal / state / local government inter-agency transparency
  • More than chasing the money
The Federal Computer Week report was produced by Custom Media Group, referred to as an "independent editorial arm of 1105 Government Information Group." A PDF of the current version of the report was also provided.

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